Software for monitoring waste collection sites and the environment to manage pollution and hydrogeological risk

Environmental Monitoring

The Environment always
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Environmental Monitoring

Human activity has always interacted in a complex way with the environment, which is a primary source of natural resources while also being a source of potential hazards for man.

The environmental monitoring activity responds to two different needs:
  • Evaluate the impact of human activities on the health of the environment, in particular monitor the level of the pollutants present in the air, in the water and in the ground, assessing any sudden exceeding of the safety thresholds.
  • Monitor situations of potential danger due to natural phenomena, as happens with hydrogeological or seismic risk and on slopes subject to avalanches or landslides.

Thanks to distributed sensor networks, modern technology enables the detection of environmental parameters (concentration of pollutants, water levels, amount of precipitation, etc...) in real time.

The sensors are able to send the collected data directly or through the control units, so as to create an updated and realistic "snapshot" of the situation of the monitored environment.

The Adambì EM software module processes the data collected by each sensor distributed throughout the territory, providing an advanced, complete and easy to use working tool for all monitoring activities.

MP connects immediately to all Adambì products and integrates with existing sensors, produced by third parties, regardless of the technology on which they are based.

The Adambì solution
The platform can receive data from all types of sensors and control units, for example:
  • Weather stations (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, precipitation, solar radiation, ...)
  • Air quality monitoring units (concentration of CO2, CO, PM, NOx, SOx, ...)
  • Sensors for hydrogeological risk (rain gauges, level of rivers, lakes, streams, ...)
  • Monitoring systems for waste collection and disposal sites (level of leachate, conductivity, pH, presence of methane, ...)
  • Sensors for avalanche risk (level, temperature and snow quality)
  • Sensors installed in large plants, artificial basins, dams, canals, etc...
  • Terrestrial and maritime traffic monitoring systems (visibility, wind, waves, precipitation, ...)

Thanks to the customized configuration of the users, it is possible to choose the sensors and the measured values that each user can view through the platform.

MP collects, logs, processes and displays data, providing quickly the fundamental information for a high quality monitoring activity; the platform is able to:
  • Generate alerts to notify in real time when the safety thresholds are exceeded.
  • View and compare effectively the current and historical data
  • Quickly search particular events through configurable rules.
  • Create highly customized reports.
  • Detect trends and correlations in the data and formulate future projections.
The MP platform is the ideal tool for all professionals operating in the environmental sector (regional agencies, environmental companies, consortia, etc...) because:
  • It allows the unified collection of all environmental parameters, coming from any sensor.
  • Offers personalized and selective access to the different users involved in the monitoring.
  • It makes a complete and configurable alert system available to identify any excess of the safety thresholds in real time.
  • Processes, filters and displays data in an intuitive and effective way.
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