Turnkey Realizations for ecological Companies; environmental technologies for waste collection and waste management

Tailored Solutions

listen and fulfil
any need

Tailored Products

The experience of Adambì comes from Adgenera, a research and development company with a lean organization combining the rigorous management of projects with great flexibility.

For this reason, Adambì listens to its Customers with the primary objective of providing the best solution suitable for every scenario.

The Adambì work team provides competitive solutions quickly, even in cases of particular needs that are not satisfied by the products available on the market.

Adambì can develop customized solutions (software and hardware) on the basis of specifications agreed with the customer, integrating new components with the existing systems.

To best contribute to achieving the Customer's goals,
Adambì provides the following:

1. Automation of the data management
recovery, reprocessing, formatting, control, etc. of data from different waste management systems
2. Design and development of custom products
like the integration of a particular sensor, adaptations for particular shapes and dimensions of bins, etc...
3. Big Data analysis on Customer data
statistical analysis, reports, extraction of trends and forecasts related to waste management and environmental monitoring
4. Systems integration
solutions for the interface between systems and the convergence of IT infrastructures
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