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Adambì project

For us, for the next generation

A generation ahead

Adambì was born from Adgenera to bring innovation in the environmental sector too.

Adgenera is partner for technological innovation of the companies that look beyond. We specialize in design, engineering and implementation of "Smart" systems, to gain product and process innovation. We bring together electronic engineering, computer and software engineering, mechanics and automation, to create tailored technological solutions

Adambì completely designs its own products, from electronic boards to the management system. This allows the highest amount of control over the product, besides the evolution of the product following the specific needs of the customer.

We make proper use of Adgenera multi-sector experience to offer a rigorous and innovative design philosophy.

Managing waste in a smart way
Smart System Integrated

The core business of Adambì is aimed at simplifying the waste collection, an issue entering in our everyday life more than we can imagine!

Thanks to Adgenera strong experience in electronic design we developed the Adambì smart waste bin: a technologically advanced system designed to make life easier for everyone, citizens and waste collection companies.

The smart waste bin is the first Italian «Smart System» recognized in Europe and certified by the Smart System Integrated trademark, issued by the European Technological Platform EPoSS.

Collection costs reduction, atmospheric pollution minimization, easier application of waste legislation: these are some benefits resulting from the introduction of a smart waste bin. The technology we need.

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